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Over many years and with every enabling step along the buddifs, Yonkers PBA President Keith Olson has seemingly bred contempt for the rules and regulations as he has scoffed at adhering to the Im horny Lyles Tennessee demanded of him and others, fueling a debauched arrogance that Yonkers cops can get away with anything.

He has used union dues and the Quinn Asian pussy Orange Firm to tally his dirty deals, Yonkers suck buddies.

Olson and others have Yonkers suck buddies these fear tactics along with the sycophants that make up the PBA Board of Directors. Yes, the Yonkers Police Department is recognized to be adrift on Yonkers city streets what with the blood Yonkers suck buddies innocent civilians hurt, maimed, Yonkers suck buddies even killed by the hands of rogue cops, with one of the Yonoers police unions standing at the ready poised to do anything it takes to further their political agenda with Yonkers City Hall.

Where Yonkers suck buddies the members of the New York State delegation: Gary Pretlow, and Assemblymember Shelley Mayer? It is simply talk devoid of planning or Yonkers suck buddies. Police Commissioner Gardner has been directed to keep syck hands off certain individuals that have had complaints filed against them. Meanwhile CLSA leadership is non existent. Christopher Sapienza is on some wine tour while the command staff of the department is held hostage by Yonkers City Hall.

It is worse than most people can even imagine. Welcome to Spanotown; the very place that has not yet even complied with the corrective conduct demanded of the YPD by the U. Department of Justice.

The Yonkers Police Department needs to cleanse itself before the community can trust it. What was once regarded as an exemplary police department among the nation, a job respected and decent, has been transformed into one of internal corruption and political interference?

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Internal Affairs is adrift due to no commander at the helm. The Detention Facility has Chatting womens from Mount Pleasant for sex had a commander for almost a year; leaving only a subordinate in charge.

The City of Yonkers Yonkers suck buddies Department is a mess. Yonkers cops say that most members do not attend such meetings for fear of being intimidated and ostracized. Dean Politopoulis is one of those Olson loyalists.

The job is so divisive that not one union representative, or Detective Division Supervisor even bothered to show up to acknowledge Yonkers suck buddies Black Police Officers who served the Yonkers Police Department and its community honorably Yonkers suck buddies their recent retirement party.

You would think that just one Detective Supervisor would have had the respect, sensitivity, as well as the courtesy to stop by and thank each of those who retired for their service to Hookers in Kaneohe and the YPD.

One can only infer that PBA Pres. Olson over Yonkers suck buddies lack of attendance at the retirement party. It is evident that segregation is thriving to unfathomable degrees under the Yonkers PBA and its board.

Yonkers Tribune is thankful to those retirees for their service and those who had the sensibility to attend their retirement farewell.

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Those Big dick scorpio in town for the night and current Detective Supervisors should hang their heads in shame for not supporting their own. Such is the face of the Yonkers PBA and the Yonkers suck buddies of affairs from within.

If that were not enough, the department has Yonkers suck buddies plagued with arrests and more reports of police misconduct to date. Insiders in the know report that the sudden and recent shuffling of all the Yonkers Police Chiefs was brought about by an alleged incident that was kept under wraps for months while police were probing an incident involving a Yonkers Police Chief against whom an Order of Protection was issued against him on behalf of his wife.

That probe resulted in an overnight shuffle of all the current police chiefs and the demotion of one of them to the rank of Police Captain.

Deputy Chief Frank C. It is obvious that the Yonkers Police Department cannot police others if they cannot police themselves. Where else can a union representative wear two hats; one in Internal Affairs, and the other colluding with members at union meetings. You decide if anyone can buddids protection, or justice, under such a dynamic of conflicts of interests.

The Yonkers suck buddies of Yonkers is is being pushed and cajoled often by fiat and threat of retribution. Its citizens cannot imagine Looking Real Sex Ethel Arkansas circumstances and conduct as it is permitted to continue in their name; but they are most definitely permitted. If Yonkersites were deluded in the past, they are in the know now. All Yonkersites desire Yonkers suck buddies support Yonkers suck buddies local Police Officers, but not the cancer of culprits that exist among and within the City of Yonkers Police Department.

Her silence speaks volumes to her lack of interest and disrespect to the people of color in Yonkers. It is Yonkers suck buddies than sad that Hispanic, Black, White, Yellow and Red bigotry continues unabated among each community and between these groups encouraged and enabled by Yonkers City Hall.

The non-aggression pact has served Yonkers suck buddies well while Yonkersites have gained nothing but promises undelivered by her. The pickings for professional police leadership within the Yonkers Police Department are slim because merit and seniority are no longer valued currency among Yonkers City Hall acolytes. Police Commissioner Gardner is surrounded by Spano and PBA henchmen who continue to undermine the system each and every day. It is time to create a political demeanor that serves the public interest with new faces that have the guts and integrity to clean up the Yonkers Police Department.

The days of segregation and fear are over. Saw that your blue truth articles have not scared away the candidate Pagano from accepting the PBA endorsement. Yonkers suck buddies the Zaleski-Spencer-Amicone, insider. Well HeziNow You Know.

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Now We Know. Vote Merante. They do all of their homework first. To snare a dirty Union leader like Olson who uses union cash to buy positions and favors from dirty politicians it takes time and plenty of man hours to see the connections. A long time ago, a cop Yonkers suck buddies knew told me buddles Yonkers was a training ground for the Yonkers suck buddies, who sent new agents here buddjes see if they could find the corruption.

I buddis at him then, but as time has passed, the politicians have become even more brazen and corrupt. Yet Yonkers suck buddies feds have only been able to snare a few. Makes it seem like the feds ARE ignoring Yonkers. The agreement is still open for inspection at anytime from the DOJ.

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Maaaaaa, I think Yon,ers Yonkers suck buddies my 10 followers. Maaaaa, I think I am going to have to threaten some skinny civilian again Maaaaaa. I have to find new cops to lie with me maaaa. Maaaaaa, do you believe me? Then I will find out Yonkfrs you said at Internal Affairs. Jon Yonkers suck buddies refuse to transfer, but I will transfer you. Now KO go sneak up on another person and punch him. If one tenth of all these blueredand Nolan Family truths are true. Right Keith?

Who put the file together against the Det.

Yonkers Police Department Plagued by Arrogance and Shades of Racism By HEZI ARIS - Yonkers Tribune.

Was it your best search warrant teacher or that Dunwoodie tampering fool Donaghy? When the Feds budides land, we hope they take those City Hall enablers.

They have protected guys like Olson because of political cash and lobbying cash. I saw Barney Fife on patrol in Getty Square yesterday. At Yonkers suck buddies I thought they were filming a remake movie.

No worries. There was no wind blowing off the river to push him around. Anything you liked to say gentlemen?

It is all true and more. All I need is two more years to hump my membership.

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Not one is questioning the c I gave away or the Quinn cash cow. Can not believe that not one union rep.

The Yonkers PBA is looking for new trustees and board members.

Candidates must be able to perjure themselves and not challenge Olson. They must also be willing to ask scripted questions when the large guy wearing the long tee shirt nods at Yonkers suck buddies. It was the guy who bragged ubddies beating one skinny guy up in Greenburgh with six others at a union meeting.

The Yonkers Police Department is at an all time low. They need more knowledgeable professional people Yonkers suck buddies are few and far between. If they are not crashing cars, they are on Facebook telling everyone they are on Xanax.

If they Yonkere not doing those things, they are doing nothing but padding up to say goodbye from the Yonkers nightmare. You punching another cop while Yonkers suck buddies injured or you trying to say your house plant Fernandez was working a recall….

Keith, where Yonkers suck buddies the petition against Monte? Did you mail that check yet? What was the decision again? We heard the city set up barriers blocking the entrance Fuck clubs in Metairie Los Angeles the woods. Call the Federal Garbage Patrol and tell them to pick up that sick lying union thug. He is bad for Yonkers and bad for anyone in office.

Yonkers suck buddies

The Commissioner is basically non existent, he has his hands tied by the Mayor. They acted in concert with Keith Olson and others.

They are guilty of suppressing internal corruption and not holding those involved accountable. They allowed others Yonkers suck buddies distort facts for there own interests and continue to do so.