Steve Sullivan


by Steve Sullivan

Released 2007
Muddy Rain Records
Released 2007
Muddy Rain Records
The King of Modern Folk comes back with an album of picturesque dreams.
17 cents brings the blues to Salt Lake City
Steve Sullivan releases first solo album in Utah
By Anna West, May 2007

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - “The watery eyes of innocence drowned at the old train station. I was writing six haikus. Can you help me find the real thing? from Medicine Nightmare for Ballroom Dancing - Steve Sullivan.

Steve Sullivan is the real thing, importing the blues to Salt Lake City from the tiny central New Mexico railroad town, Belen. Sullivan started making music when he was twelve. His father supported his music “habit,” but Steve had to prove every penny his dad earned the hard way, working three jobs; whether it was lessons or recording equipment.

Sullivan married Michelle Quintero in 2004, and he and his young bride moved to Utah two years ago with nothing more than 17 cents and a gas card. Today he is releasing his first solo album in the Beehive state, Reveal.

“Michelle and I moved to Utah in 2005 because she missed her family who live here and I was looking for a fresh start,” says 24-year old Sullivan. “When I arrived my dad found out we only had 17 cents he gave me $200 said, ‘Make it last.’ That is how we got started.”
Today, Steve Sullivan and the Six-Shooters, including his 21-year-old wife, Michelle Quintero Sullivan on violin and vocals, and Dan Pectol on drums perform locally two or three times a week.

Sullivan's first album, Imaginary Friends, has sold 700 copies, which lead to regular gigs at Geppettos, the Hog Wallow and Hard Rock Cafe at Trolly Square.

“I perform at least once a month at the Hard Rock at Trolley Square. It could have been me, or worse, Michelle, who took a bullet.” says Sullivan. “That‘s why I’m donating a portion of proceeds from my new record to the Trolley Square Memorial Foundation.”

“Sullivan is one of the most original musicians I’ve heard, ” says Salt Lake City artist, Todd Powelson, who created the artwork for Reveal. “Though unique, his sound is reminiscent of Tom Waites, southern rock and even a young Bobby Dylan. I see him every chance I get.”

Sullivan is donating a portion of proceeds from Reveal to the Trolly Square Memorial Foundation. Sullivan’s record label, Muddy Rain Records, is run from his home in Salt Lake City. Listen to his songs, or buy his albumns at